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mei 03, 2017

Webinar: OpenEdge Pro2 5.0

See how OpenEdge Pro2 5.0 enables companies to: •Simplify change management •Streamline database maintenance and configuration •Improve replication speed—almost twice as fast

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mei 04, 2017

Webinar: Journey to SAS Analytics Grid with SAS, R, Python

Join this webinar to learn: ●Differences between traditional and Grid deployments for SAS ●Best practices and lessons learned in deploying an Analytics Grid ●How to deliver an open analytics strategy for SAS, R, Python and others ●Popular data sources for advanced analytics

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mei 16, 2017

Website Workshop: Build Killer Personalised Customer Journeys And Boost Your Business

The hands-on workshop at Emakina in Brussels. Join us on Tuesday 16 May. Discover how the leading Web Content Management platform, and try it out yourself. • Easily create, edit and manage your web pages • Personalize content (using location, personas, …) • Access your visitors’ behaviors and generate accurate predictive analytics • Share the most relevant content for each visitor, based on prescriptive analytics and machine-based learning recommendations

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mei 18, 2017

PUG Meeting & Kart Challenge

Kennissessie voor OpenEdge gebruikers georganiseerd door de Progress User Group. Dag sluit af met een fun kart challenge.

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